Shaving Mistakes You Don’t Want

You are new to shaving and you need to get in a good shave right before work. Problem is you got to shave a lot more hair then you did in high school. The little straggly hairs on the chin has evolved into some type of maze hair. You try your luck at the hair maze and realize that you missed a spot. Fortunately, men have experienced the exact same thing in our early 20 something years. We wants to help you and guide you to correcting your shaving mistakes. I know it seems like you never learn how to shave your face properly. But, today you are going to learn the basics of shaving and shaving discipline. Read below to finally learn how to shave.

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Buy Grooming Kit

First step, buy the best mens grooming kit you can find in the market place. The grooming kit you buy should not just have one brush and a razor. It should never had those bare essentials. You got to get a grooming kit that has brush, shaving gel, shaving cream, comb, small mirror, hair clippers, and a cool design that you can live with. Make sure it is very effective in its cuts as well. Some grooming kits offer items that do not shave well or come in broken parts. You got to double check those grooming kits. Grooming kits can be used to edge your hair. Your edge wears off every 3 to 4 days. You should use your grooming kit in all ways possible. That’s what I do. Generally, the grooming kit is designed to give you a good start to shave your fave and fix things that are wrong with your face. Overtime, you can adopt other items to make your face look better. But, for now just get a grooming kit you can use to shave your face really well.

Prep Before Shaving

Next step, prep your face before you shave it. You got to add on some cold water for your face. Release the tight grips the hair follicles have on your face. Even with shaving gel, the hair follicles will give you problems coming off your face. You got to add in the cold water to let your body know that its time to be cut. Cold water also provoker growth on your would be beard. Water sinks into the skin and wakes up hairs that are burred deep under the skin. Those hairs can come to the surface if you apply cold water to your face for each shave prep.

There are other options you can use to relax face for shaving prep. You can put on face cleanser the night before. Face cleanser makes face softer then it normally feels. Normal face is dry and wants to convince your facial hair to not move. You need to convince it to come off by making it more watered down each day. Your face also becomes properly hydrated and free from irritation. You know those bumps that itch when you wake up in the morning. That is called irritation. Make irritation go away and relax face alternatively with a face cleanser.

Apply Shaving Gel to Face Before Shave

Shaving gel must be apply to the face before you shave. Make sure you buy the best mens grooming kit you see online with shaving gel. Works exceptionally well for men who have sensitive skin. Pad your face with shaving gel all around and shave. The gel will feel cold and a little slimy. But, you will get use to the feeling long enough. The gel should relax the hairs enough to allow you to get a nice quick shave. Some men use shaving cream. But, not me because shaving gel works so much better on your face.