Art + Craft Fair in Iowa City

After Renegade, I schlepped over to Iowa City for the First Annual Art + Craft Fair in Iowa City.


I made a pit stop at Home Ec. Workshop to pick up some gorgeous Malibrigo wool…


Found the best tip jar in all of Iowa City…


Set up my booth & helped some chilly Iowans become a bit less chilly. <3



Fall Harvest Festival

On September 19th, my knits and I were at the Fall Harvest Festival in Waterloo, Iowa!


My booth was next to this guy.


Knit Bow Ties at Fred Flare

You can now find YesJess Knit Bow Ties at Fred Flare!


I remember sitting in my old aparment in Cincinnati and paging through the Fred Flare online store. Now they’re carrying something I make! Eeep!

Knits + Folk Pop

Two of my favorite things. Throw in Nutella and it’s the Trifecta.

forest city lovers

Anyhow, I recently sent off a package of knits to an amazing indie-folk-pop band, Forest City Lovers! In the meantime, check them out.

Recently, Forest City Lovers performed on Late Night in The Bedroom sporting some YesJess Knits!


Not Your Average Yeezy

Knit Kanye

Merging my eternal love to all things knit/all things Yeezy/all things kitchy, I created a little bespoke 808 & Heartbreak heart.

Winter Textures


I love the thick and cozy textures that accompany winter knits. Enormously tactile and visually complex. I love winter! <3