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How Can I Make My Baby More Independent?

Today, in many families, we can easily see many children, even though they are over 5 years old. Due to being pampered by their parents since childhood, until now they have not been able to do it themselves. Personal things like shoveling rice, dressing, storing personal items … 

This will make them passive, relentless, reliant, timid, have poor communication skills and find it difficult to be independent in future life. As a parent, you need to choose the most appropriate time to find ways to raise your baby independently from an early age

 Ways to help your baby be independent

According to experts, training independence for children from a young age will help the child to be confident, brave, and do simple things without his parents’ help.

And here are some suggestions to help parents have a way to help children be independent:

Sleeping separately

According to the study, a 5 to the 6-month-old child was able to sleep alone. The purpose of sleeping separately will help your child be more confident, less scared, not dependent on parents, and create a habit for them: folding the bed sheet, putting the pillow in the right place, and pulling the blanket on themselves.


Parents should teach children how to keep personal hygiene and their surroundings. Make a habit for your children through actions that parents often do: throw garbage in the right place, wipe the table when pouring water, put dirty clothes in the washing machine, clean toys after playing … After seeing parents do so, children will easily learn and can do it themselves.

Take care of yourself

From 3 to 6 years of age, children can do some self-care jobs such as changing clothes, putting on shoes, brushing teeth, changing clothes by themselves … 

To do that, parents should spend a lot of time to support, guide, and encourage children to do as they can arrange or put items such as shoe racks, clothes hangers, pots wash their faces… just within the reach of children to reduce difficulties when they do personal care. 

Know how to help others

Also, parents can teach children ways to help others from the small actions of children such as washing vegetables to help mothers, helping parents carry light furniture, watering, and tending trees … These small jobs help children feel useful, thereby promoting independence.

Precautions for parents when teaching children to be independent

Encourage your child to do good jobs

Parents should encourage children to do their decent work, within their ability. For things that are too much for children, parents should encourage and encourage their children to be patient and try to complete their work.

For each child’s work, parents should explain to their children that this is part of the responsibility that they have to do, and when they finish their work, parents should have timely encouragement to help their children become more motivated. more force.

It is not easy to satisfy children’s requirements

Young children love to ask for and find ways to achieve that goal. If parents always meet easily all the requirements of the child will make children not appreciate it.

Therefore, parents should consider whether their children’s requests are beyond their capabilities. If children can do it, parents should encourage children to do it themselves, not too much intervention.

Create a safe, friendly environment for children to develop their independence

Creating a close, safe environment for children is one of the conditions that help children promote their independence.

Parents should use natural, benign wooden furniture to reduce the risk of exposure to children. 

And in their home, parents should divide the area clearly so they know where to play. What is the kitchen, what is the living room …

Make a roster of household chores for each family member

Parents should develop a house roster for each family member. There, parents will specify what is their job, what is their work. 

This will make children feel happier, more proud to be a useful family member, and more responsible for their work.

For parents, the process of teaching children to become independent is not easy. But if they persevere and apply the right method of education, parents will help their children become independent and self-conscious. It is more mature in the future.

Hopefully, the above information will be of great help to parents.