Gigantic Pom Pom How-To

Pom Pom How To

Fancy ladies and wonderful gentlemen, would you like to know how to make a huge pom-pom? Let me show you!

It’s quite easy to create little pom poms using craft store pompom makers, or household items such as forks. But how do you go about making the absolutely MASSIVE pom pom that adornes the top of one of my most popular winter knits: The Massive Pom Pom Hat.

1. Get a skein of yarn (170 yards) You’ll be using it all.
2. Cut out some cardboard doughnuts . These are 7” in diameter with a 5” diameter cut out.
3. Sandwich some yarn inbetween the two pieces and leave the tails out, those will be used to cinch all the yarn together. Wrap the rest of the yarn all around the circles. Over and over and over and over. Be sure to leave the tails out!
4. Grab a scissors and cut the yarn along the edges of the cardboard. Don’t snip the tails!
5. The tails will now be used to tie all the yarn together. Pull it tight and tie a knot. Use your muscles!
6. Slip the cardboard pieces off, trim her up, and you’ve got a lovely and massive pom-pom!

Send me photos of your monstrueux creations!

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