DIY Body Wash for Kids

Do it yourself body wash is a good way to get all areas on baby clean. Don’t worry about it having dyes, preservatives, dangerous chemicals, and synthetic fragrances. Luckily, I have a found a way to make the best body wash for baby and give baby best overall skin performance. Additionally, the DIY baby soap comes in liquid form. Which makes it easier for you to apply the soap to baby. I never seemed to like dry soap anyway. That type of soap needs too much water and squeezing. To learn why I say this look below.

Things You Need to Make It

There are a few things you need to make the body wash soap yourself. First, you need to get a jar. Should be a large jar so you can store water and mix liquids easily. Second, bring some filtered water. Tap water is fine but filtered water is more pure and works better on babies. If you want the best body wash for baby then get filtered water. Tap water is filtered but it has chemicals inside it that can cause baby to have skin problems. Third, 2 tea spoons of a soap oil of your choosing. Can be coconut oil, almond, or something similar. Fourth, pick up table spoon of vegetable glycerin. You might not need this to mix in. I would say that part is optional. Last, get 10 drops of soap oils. I recommend you use 10 drops of soap oils from one soap oil. Mixing too many oils will make the baby smell bad. Once obtained, you should be done with gathering all the ingredients needed.

By the way, you should use soap mixtures that have a smell you like. The soap mixtures that I have told you are my personal taste. There are so many soap oils and things you can use to mix. It is your body and your baby. Make the soap with your own touch. Head out to the stores and buy soap oils that smells good to your liking. For example, if blueberry is your thing, then look for blueberry soap oil. I am sure people will like the smell. On the other hand, they have no right to tell you what smells you can use to cover you and baby’s skin. All in all, pick soap oil smells that fit.

Instructions On How to Make DIY Body Wash

Making the soap is really easy. Take all the ingredients I told you to gather and put them in jar. Then, get a long spoon to stir. Start stiring the soap in circular motion for 5 to 15 minutes. May take longer so set aside 30minutes for entire mixing process. Next, remove the spoon and close the lid. Once sealed, you need to shake up the jar. Give it a couple shakes up and down. Do it as many times as you feel you should. Last step, apply the new mixed soap with cloth. Altogether, yo8u should be able to wash your baby with the new soap.

DIY Body Wash Saves You Money

Saving money is a big reason why I decide to use DIY body wash on my baby. My husband would use up a lot of soap. This would make me angry and cause me to spend more money. Right now, I am trying to save up money for another car because my old car is going down hill. The parts keep coming off and the mechanic wants more money to fix it. I started this little DIY thing for the past seven months and now I am half way to buying a new car. Don’t know if you need a new car. However, saving money to buy things you need is something you should do. Tired of worrying about having enough money to buy something. I suggest you use DIY body wash soap for you and your baby like me.