Can You Use Baby Shampoo As Body Wash
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Can You Use Baby Shampoo As Body Wash

As the newborn baby hardly has any hair and thus you do not give them much wash and after some months they turn into a tangled curl and even the bottle of shampoo remains untouched. Given below are some methods through which you can enjoy best body wash for baby

Clean makeup kit

You can use your baby shampoo to clean your makeup kits which include the brushes of various sizes and the cover of your contour. All you have to is that rinse it off after taking a drop of body wash for baby then finally wipe it using the washer cloth and let it dry for some time in the air.  Then you can see your makeup kits look as new as the one you bought some months/ years ago and you also get the lost softness of your brushes as well.

Clean your car

This is one of the best ways to clean your car with the baby shampoo especially the chrome details on your car which are somehow hard to clean properly, the baby shampoo will make it easier for you. All you have to do is that take some amount of baking soda and mix your baby shampoo in it and then after cleaning your car wipe it off using a dry cloth.

Clean your walls

With a new baby, comes a lot of hurdles and lots of expensive and you hardly can take time and money out for the cleansing of your house. But you can still clean the walls of your house by using body wash for baby and it will not cause any harm to the wall paint also. You have to just take a bucket filled with an ample amount of warm water and mix your baby shampoo in little amount and mix it well till you get the foam along with a dilute solution. And using a paintbrush dips into the bucket and cleans the wall and after that using the dry cloth to remove the stubborn stains from your wall.

Clean off your makeup

Getting a raccoon eye is one of the most frustrating things in a girls’ life and Body wash for baby can solve your problem. While there are some of the cosmetic products that do not get washed even after you have washed your face with a face wash and your eyes get red due to this. Take a drop of the baby shampoo on a cotton ball and clean your face after that rinse with water and you can see every inch of your skin is free from the makeup.

Give shine to your leather shoes

Did you ever think that you can give back the shine to your leather shoes in a cheaper option? Yes, you can and that only by using the bottle of best body wash for baby that has been kept untouched in some corner in your house for a couple of months. All you have to do is to take a small drop of your baby shampoo and then using the soft rag clean your leather shoes and then see they get clean easily.

Can You Use Baby Shampoo As Body Wash

Use it as hand soap

If you want something which is tougher on the grime than the soaps made for it. The best way is to use the body wash for baby for washing your hands after using the toilet or the restroom. All you have to do is to keep the soap into the dispenser of soap and it will form enough lather to give the nice wash to your hands. Also, since this cleansing soap is made for a baby so it will retain the moisture on your skin and keep the dryness at bay.

Fix the stuck zippers

If you find your bags or jeans getting its zip’s quality bad and not getting closed properly and compelling you to stop wearing or using the jeans or bags that have stuck zips in the. The best body wash for baby will help you in solving such a problem so you need to take a drop of the baby shampoo on that area and rub there gently and the zip will get closed properly and you can easily use it after that.

Use it as a baby’s toy

If you are not using the baby’s shampoo for washing your baby’s fragile hair, then you can use it to make your baby play with it. You can blow out the bubbles from the body wash and it will be a fun moment for your baby that he will enjoy the most. You can use the wand to form the bubble out of the lather from the cleansing product you are not using for a while.


The baby shampoo is really not necessities to your baby’s hair when they are just born as their hair is in a very small amount. And after some months, their hair turned into a curl which is tangled without taking any extra care. But there are some other uses that you can really get benefits from using the baby shampoo for another purpose. We highly hope that with this article you would be able to understand the importance of making an alternate use of the baby shampoo that has been kept untouched for a couple of months in other ways.