Be Careful When You Clean Water Bottles

Clean the water bottles you want to use. Having a water bottle can come in handy. Water gives you a whole matter of energy. Filling up your guts with air you never had. Manipulating your mind into thinking you can do things that seem impossible. It can also be refilled multiple times from your local water fountain. Well, all that reuse must come with some cleaning too. The same for best glass water bottles you find on shelf. All water bottles you use need to be cleaned because liquids you use leave things in there that tastes bad. To add, they leave in bacteria and many other dirty substances that is not always filtered by the local water system. Trust me, if your water taste bad, the company that filters your water does not do a good job of filtering it. In truth, there are country towns that do this to its citizens today. Learn how to clean your water bottle below so you can keep using it safely.


Process Needed for Cleaning Water Bottle

Cleaning your water bottle follows a simple process. First get the water bottle you want to clean. Next, add very hot water to the water bottle. Note, make sure the water you add is drinkable. Not drinkable water will cause you to have intestine problems. After that check, pure out half the hot water you put in bottle the first time. Try to best guest the half mark. Next, add a small amount of dish water soap to the mix. About a tea spoon amount. Then shake it up and shake it up good. Spend a good 4 minutes shaking it with one hand. After, pour all the soap out of the bottle into sink. Then, you need to rinse out the soap in bottle. You will need to do it again and again. May take 3 or 6 times to rinse out the soap. You will know it is rinsed out when you sip it and taste no suds. Accordingly, that is the proper way to wash a water bottle.

 Use Pills That Cleanse Water

Pills can also be used to clean your water bottles. They take more time then washing. They can take between 30 minutes to 55 minutes. The pills are put into bottle of your choosing. Then, then shrink in the bottle and spread chemicals that fight to make your water safe to drink. A known company called Aquatabs manufactures water purifying pills today. Their pills have the power to purify pills in other countries as well. Africa is one of the countries where the pills have been tested to work in country areas. Africa has some nasty waters and country areas of Africa are not controlled by the government. The people that live out there have to travel long miles and consume rain water. Rain water is water mixed with dirt that went into the sky. Dirt does exist in the clouds. Scientist do not talk about that but water evaporates all the things that is mixed with it into the sky. Alternatively, use water purifying pills top clean water in your water bottle glass or plastic. Use it with the best glass water bottles too.

Make Sure Consumable Water Taste Good

Nonetheless, water needs to taste good when you wash water bottle. This should be common sense but I am reminding you. Water that taste bad is going to make everything else taste bad. It can be purified with a water purifying pill, but no way can dirty water water be used to wash water bottle and be expected to keep you safe. That is asking too much. You drink dirty water and you get what comes inside it. Plus, dirty consumable water makes everything taste bad. No matter what you mix it with, it will taste bad and feel so wrong in your belly. You got to avoid mixing dirty water with any substance and then expect to use it. I highly suggest you skip washing the bottle and apply water purifying pills to areas that have dirty faucet water.