Shaving Mistakes You Don’t Want

You are new to shaving and you need to get in a good shave right before work. Problem is you got to shave a lot more hair then you did in high school. The little straggly hairs on the chin has evolved into some type of maze hair. You try your luck at the hair maze and realize that you missed a spot. Fortunately, men have experienced the exact same thing in our early 20 something years. We wants to help you and guide you to correcting your shaving mistakes. I know it seems like you never learn how to shave your face properly. But, today you are going to learn the basics of shaving and shaving discipline. Read below to finally learn how to shave.

best mens grooming kit

Buy Grooming Kit

First step, buy the best mens grooming kit you can find in the market place. The grooming kit you buy should not just have one brush and a razor. It should never had those bare essentials. You got to get a grooming kit that has brush, shaving gel, shaving cream, comb, small mirror, hair clippers, and a cool design that you can live with. Make sure it is very effective in its cuts as well. Some grooming kits offer items that do not shave well or come in broken parts. You got to double check those grooming kits. Grooming kits can be used to edge your hair. Your edge wears off every 3 to 4 days. You should use your grooming kit in all ways possible. That’s what I do. Generally, the grooming kit is designed to give you a good start to shave your fave and fix things that are wrong with your face. Overtime, you can adopt other items to make your face look better. But, for now just get a grooming kit you can use to shave your face really well.

Prep Before Shaving

Next step, prep your face before you shave it. You got to add on some cold water for your face. Release the tight grips the hair follicles have on your face. Even with shaving gel, the hair follicles will give you problems coming off your face. You got to add in the cold water to let your body know that its time to be cut. Cold water also provoker growth on your would be beard. Water sinks into the skin and wakes up hairs that are burred deep under the skin. Those hairs can come to the surface if you apply cold water to your face for each shave prep.

There are other options you can use to relax face for shaving prep. You can put on face cleanser the night before. Face cleanser makes face softer then it normally feels. Normal face is dry and wants to convince your facial hair to not move. You need to convince it to come off by making it more watered down each day. Your face also becomes properly hydrated and free from irritation. You know those bumps that itch when you wake up in the morning. That is called irritation. Make irritation go away and relax face alternatively with a face cleanser.

Apply Shaving Gel to Face Before Shave

Shaving gel must be apply to the face before you shave. Make sure you buy the best mens grooming kit you see online with shaving gel. Works exceptionally well for men who have sensitive skin. Pad your face with shaving gel all around and shave. The gel will feel cold and a little slimy. But, you will get use to the feeling long enough. The gel should relax the hairs enough to allow you to get a nice quick shave. Some men use shaving cream. But, not me because shaving gel works so much better on your face.

Can Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Really Help You

best beard shampoo and conditioner

Beard shampoos and conditioners have been popping up more frequently. Everybody wants to grow a nice beard and keep it evenly trimmed up. Hundreds of products exist to keep you buying something that helps beards grow like they did in the 1500s. All persuading you that it is the best beard shampoo and conditioner to buy. Helps your hair grow full and gets rid of flaky beard fungus. It all happens so fast doesn’t it? So, the real question that all men have now is does it really work? Let’s say that it can and can not work. Natural oils to increase beard growth have been around since tribes and medicine days. There is a possibility that the beard product you buy will work. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic below.

Beard Balm is Quick

Beard balm is considered to be the best beard shampoo and conditioner available today. It certainly saves you a lot of time in applying it to your beard. You won’t have to get all soaped up and can use it in the morning or before you go to sleep. Beard balm looks like small jell you put in your hair. It is not asking you to wash it out. It just wants you to put it in your beard. Actually, they have beard balms that are more than capable of not being washed out with water and not causing harm to your beard. These beard balms are called leave in beard balm conditioner. In case, you really need beard balm you can just put in your beard and be on your way to location. In my opinion, that’s the one you need to buy to make life simple. Always strive to make live simple.

Beard Shampoo Works a Little Better Than Regular Shampoo

Does using beard shampoo have an effect on beard? Actually, it does an effect on your beard. Regular shampoo is not structured for your facial hair. The regular shampoo is also created to dry out fast for medium types of hair. The local government pushes companies to make regular shampoo normal for all people. Normal may be good for your head. But, your beard is not normal. It is dryer than the hair on your head. In fact, it is glued with dry fungus from not having enough water in its roots. The roots of beards are hardly washed. I know they look washed from the outside. But, the roots area really not washed. You got to use beard shampoo and dig your fingers deep into the cracks of your beard. Beard shampoo does a good job fighting the surface of beard and making its way down to the roots. However, you got to open the beard up and get every spot in the root area washed with beard shampoo and water.

Important to Wash Beard

Washing your beard is important. Sometimes, I skip washing my beard. I assume it can take care of itself. Pretend the flakes will not be there today. But, if anyone was to look deep on my face, they would see the little pieces of flaky bits that hang onto the beard hair. I don’t want people to see that and I am sure you don’t want people to see that too. Fill your face up with cold water and beard shampoo product. Atleast, wash the beard with cold water. You got to take care of your beard and make it look good for all business opportunities that come your way. Particularly, women want a man that takes care of their bodies. They may put up with you for a little. But, eventually they want you to do better and take care of self.

Be Careful When You Clean Water Bottles

Clean the water bottles you want to use. Having a water bottle can come in handy. Water gives you a whole matter of energy. Filling up your guts with air you never had. Manipulating your mind into thinking you can do things that seem impossible. It can also be refilled multiple times from your local water fountain. Well, all that reuse must come with some cleaning too. The same for best glass water bottles you find on shelf. All water bottles you use need to be cleaned because liquids you use leave things in there that tastes bad. To add, they leave in bacteria and many other dirty substances that is not always filtered by the local water system. Trust me, if your water taste bad, the company that filters your water does not do a good job of filtering it. In truth, there are country towns that do this to its citizens today. Learn how to clean your water bottle below so you can keep using it safely.


Process Needed for Cleaning Water Bottle

Cleaning your water bottle follows a simple process. First get the water bottle you want to clean. Next, add very hot water to the water bottle. Note, make sure the water you add is drinkable. Not drinkable water will cause you to have intestine problems. After that check, pure out half the hot water you put in bottle the first time. Try to best guest the half mark. Next, add a small amount of dish water soap to the mix. About a tea spoon amount. Then shake it up and shake it up good. Spend a good 4 minutes shaking it with one hand. After, pour all the soap out of the bottle into sink. Then, you need to rinse out the soap in bottle. You will need to do it again and again. May take 3 or 6 times to rinse out the soap. You will know it is rinsed out when you sip it and taste no suds. Accordingly, that is the proper way to wash a water bottle.

 Use Pills That Cleanse Water

Pills can also be used to clean your water bottles. They take more time then washing. They can take between 30 minutes to 55 minutes. The pills are put into bottle of your choosing. Then, then shrink in the bottle and spread chemicals that fight to make your water safe to drink. A known company called Aquatabs manufactures water purifying pills today. Their pills have the power to purify pills in other countries as well. Africa is one of the countries where the pills have been tested to work in country areas. Africa has some nasty waters and country areas of Africa are not controlled by the government. The people that live out there have to travel long miles and consume rain water. Rain water is water mixed with dirt that went into the sky. Dirt does exist in the clouds. Scientist do not talk about that but water evaporates all the things that is mixed with it into the sky. Alternatively, use water purifying pills top clean water in your water bottle glass or plastic. Use it with the best glass water bottles too.

Make Sure Consumable Water Taste Good

Nonetheless, water needs to taste good when you wash water bottle. This should be common sense but I am reminding you. Water that taste bad is going to make everything else taste bad. It can be purified with a water purifying pill, but no way can dirty water water be used to wash water bottle and be expected to keep you safe. That is asking too much. You drink dirty water and you get what comes inside it. Plus, dirty consumable water makes everything taste bad. No matter what you mix it with, it will taste bad and feel so wrong in your belly. You got to avoid mixing dirty water with any substance and then expect to use it. I highly suggest you skip washing the bottle and apply water purifying pills to areas that have dirty faucet water.

DIY Body Wash for Kids

Do it yourself body wash is a good way to get all areas on baby clean. Don’t worry about it having dyes, preservatives, dangerous chemicals, and synthetic fragrances. Luckily, I have a found a way to make the best body wash for baby and give baby best overall skin performance. Additionally, the DIY baby soap comes in liquid form. Which makes it easier for you to apply the soap to baby. I never seemed to like dry soap anyway. That type of soap needs too much water and squeezing. To learn why I say this look below.

Things You Need to Make It

There are a few things you need to make the body wash soap yourself. First, you need to get a jar. Should be a large jar so you can store water and mix liquids easily. Second, bring some filtered water. Tap water is fine but filtered water is more pure and works better on babies. If you want the best body wash for baby then get filtered water. Tap water is filtered but it has chemicals inside it that can cause baby to have skin problems. Third, 2 tea spoons of a soap oil of your choosing. Can be coconut oil, almond, or something similar. Fourth, pick up table spoon of vegetable glycerin. You might not need this to mix in. I would say that part is optional. Last, get 10 drops of soap oils. I recommend you use 10 drops of soap oils from one soap oil. Mixing too many oils will make the baby smell bad. Once obtained, you should be done with gathering all the ingredients needed.

By the way, you should use soap mixtures that have a smell you like. The soap mixtures that I have told you are my personal taste. There are so many soap oils and things you can use to mix. It is your body and your baby. Make the soap with your own touch. Head out to the stores and buy soap oils that smells good to your liking. For example, if blueberry is your thing, then look for blueberry soap oil. I am sure people will like the smell. On the other hand, they have no right to tell you what smells you can use to cover you and baby’s skin. All in all, pick soap oil smells that fit.

Instructions On How to Make DIY Body Wash

Making the soap is really easy. Take all the ingredients I told you to gather and put them in jar. Then, get a long spoon to stir. Start stiring the soap in circular motion for 5 to 15 minutes. May take longer so set aside 30minutes for entire mixing process. Next, remove the spoon and close the lid. Once sealed, you need to shake up the jar. Give it a couple shakes up and down. Do it as many times as you feel you should. Last step, apply the new mixed soap with cloth. Altogether, yo8u should be able to wash your baby with the new soap.

DIY Body Wash Saves You Money

Saving money is a big reason why I decide to use DIY body wash on my baby. My husband would use up a lot of soap. This would make me angry and cause me to spend more money. Right now, I am trying to save up money for another car because my old car is going down hill. The parts keep coming off and the mechanic wants more money to fix it. I started this little DIY thing for the past seven months and now I am half way to buying a new car. Don’t know if you need a new car. However, saving money to buy things you need is something you should do. Tired of worrying about having enough money to buy something. I suggest you use DIY body wash soap for you and your baby like me.

Magnifique Illustration

Paule Trudel Bellemare used a photo of me for inspriation for her latest print.

It reads: “En Avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil…”

Which is roughly translated into : “Till April’s dead, change not a thread”

Paule Trudel Bellemare

Be sure to take a peek at both her blog and shop.

Fetured in Eigenwerk-Magazin



YesJess was recently featured in Eigenwerk-Magazin. This is a brand new German publication that focuses on  fabric, thread, wood, paper, and stone. It’s beautiful and available free online! Click the magazine cover below to read it.



Park Bound!

Well, folks! You’ll be able to find me a Renegade Craft Fair this summer at McCaren Park in Brooklyn.

I’ll be splitting my booth with the everlovely Nicole Linder and am tremendously excited!


See you there!

Gigantic Pom Pom How-To

Pom Pom How To

Fancy ladies and wonderful gentlemen, would you like to know how to make a huge pom-pom? Let me show you!

It’s quite easy to create little pom poms using craft store pompom makers, or household items such as forks. But how do you go about making the absolutely MASSIVE pom pom that adornes the top of one of my most popular winter knits: The Massive Pom Pom Hat.

1. Get a skein of yarn (170 yards) You’ll be using it all.
2. Cut out some cardboard doughnuts . These are 7” in diameter with a 5” diameter cut out.
3. Sandwich some yarn inbetween the two pieces and leave the tails out, those will be used to cinch all the yarn together. Wrap the rest of the yarn all around the circles. Over and over and over and over. Be sure to leave the tails out!
4. Grab a scissors and cut the yarn along the edges of the cardboard. Don’t snip the tails!
5. The tails will now be used to tie all the yarn together. Pull it tight and tie a knot. Use your muscles!
6. Slip the cardboard pieces off, trim her up, and you’ve got a lovely and massive pom-pom!

Send me photos of your monstrueux creations!

Shiny and New

I’ve been designing and creating some new summer knits. Here’s a peek:

Double Pyramid

Double Pyramid Necklaces


Chevron Bangles


Plaited Wool Necklace


Cable Knit Belt

Warming the Windy City

Chicago Outline

Sacred Art and Renegade Handmade are now carrying YesJess Knits! If you’re chilly in Chicago, be sure to stop by the shops.