YesJess is the crafty endeavor of Jess Baker: architect, wanderlust ,workaholic and folky music connoisseur .

Jess was born in Iowa and has been crafting since she was a little girl: taught by her lovely mom. Jess learned to knit when she was 10 and will be the first to admit that she was not a talented knitter for a long, long time. <3

Much akin to her early knitting skills, YesJess began small and slow. While working towards a degree in architecture, Jess began to design and create knit accessories to suit her sometimes picky and always quirky style. This then spread to knitting for friends, and friends of friends, and then to strangers in countries far away.

 Jess is inspired by pale buildings, maps, typography, her garden back in Iowa, Moz, wolves, history books, and her moleskine. She loves geometry, lace, grandmothers, cephalopods, The Roaring Twenties, modern architecture, Anna Karina, fog, & afternoon tea.