• Shaving Mistakes You Don’t Want

    Shaving Mistakes You Don’t Want

    You are new to shaving and you need to get in a good shave right before work. Problem is you got to shave a lot more hair then you did in high school. The little straggly hairs on the chin has evolved into some type of maze hair. You try your luck at the hair maze and realize that you missed a spot. Fortunately, men have experienced the exact same thing in our early 20 something years. We wants to help you and guide you to correcting your shaving mistakes. I know it seems like you never learn how to shave your face properly. But, today you are going to…

  • Can Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Really Help You

    Can Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Really Help You

    Beard shampoos and conditioners have been popping up more frequently. Everybody wants to grow a nice beard and keep it evenly trimmed up. Hundreds of products exist to keep you buying something that helps beards grow like they did in the 1500s. All persuading you that it is the best beard shampoo and conditioner to buy. Helps your hair grow full and gets rid of flaky beard fungus. It all happens so fast doesn’t it? So, the real question that all men have now is does it really work? Let’s say that it can and can not work. Natural oils to increase beard growth have been around since tribes and…

  • Be Careful When You Clean Water Bottles

    Be Careful When You Clean Water Bottles

    Clean the water bottles you want to use. Having a water bottle can come in handy. Water gives you a whole matter of energy. Filling up your guts with air you never had. Manipulating your mind into thinking you can do things that seem impossible. It can also be refilled multiple times from your local water fountain. Well, all that reuse must come with some cleaning too. The same for best glass water bottles you find on shelf. All water bottles you use need to be cleaned because liquids you use leave things in there that tastes bad. To add, they leave in bacteria and many other dirty substances that…